Bacchus Marsh Child Care Centre –

Our purpose built centre has been opened now for one year (after of couple interrupted false starts due to Covid19 lockdowns)

The centre enrolments have grown significantly and places have filled up fast with limited places available.

If you are looking for Care or for our kindergarten programs now or for 2023, please register your interest now.

Go to the Registration of Interest tab and fill in your details and send it to us. We will then contact you for a tour of the centre.

Alternatively, contact us now to register your child or come in for a tour. We are also conducting Zoom Tours, book in for one today!

We will be very keen to show you our beautiful centre and answer all questions you may have Monday to Friday

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child to our centre.



*Our children are being prepared to learn throughout life.

*Here at Future Kids Bacchus Marsh, we strive to open and inspire endless opportunities and continually create, innovate, change and improve our practices.

*To allow time for our children to refine and practice skills that they have learned and to feel safe and supported within our learning environments.

*To build positive and trusting relationships and interactions with children and support their individual needs. We believe every child is unique, individual and should be celebrated.

*We work in close partnership with parents and families in a consistent and warm learning environment to support, strengthen and successfully achieve first milestones in life.

*We are preparing children to be our future leaders of a sustainable world with respect to and guidance from our bicultural heritage and multicultural society.

*We will provide nutritious meals and snacks that are healthy and appetising to the children in our service, ensuring that guidelines are met.

*We believe every child has the right to make choices around their learning, should feel a strong sense of well-being.

*We believe that the environment should reflect our love of nature and our views on sustainability. We view our environment as the ‘third teacher’ and believe that it is essential that we set up our physical spaces in a way that encourages engagement and exploration, inspiring a strong connection to our world.

*We are committed to child safe standards and ensuring that each and every child here at Future Kids Bacchus is safe and protected. We WILL advocate for children and allow them to be heard.

*We acknowledge that our service stands on the land of the Wurundjeri and the Wathaurong tribes and that this land continues to be sacred to them and pay our respects to elders past and present.


As you enter our service you are greeted with a smile and hello, by everyone of our friendly team.

There is a seating area with our book exchange close by for you to sit and relax with adult, children and relevant information regarding childcare close by.

This book exchange was set up by our Kindergarten children after a discussion on what books they had at home.

Once through our gate you are greeted by our piazza where all rooms come together as a family to enjoy our beautiful freshly cooked meals by Miss Shey, We enjoy this interaction as each child can choose who they sit with, while enjoying their meals. This area also offers our older children to help our younger ones serving their meals and helping seat them, giving them a sense of responsibility and pride.


Each of our 6  rooms are created and arrange by dedicated and qualified team to enchased every child who attends induvial learning  and development stage.

Our kindergarten children in our yellow room have full say over their design of their room with room meetings being held with our Kinder teacher Mr Ray where they discuss how they want to set their own room up and help arrange this offering our kindergarten children say in their own environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Our outdoor areas are designed to enchased children’s love of outdoors, with climbing forts, sandpits, natural rocks and bark areas, all areas are covered with shade sails to encourage continued outdoor play even in summer time. We have three outdoor areas for play and a special area for our garden.

We have started to plant some vegetables and herbs with focus on native plants we can enjoy.



Our centre Manager Kelly Rainbow- Holland will gladly show you around and give you any information you wish to know.