Our Philosophy

We have a joint philosophy as a whole company, with each centre creating their own unique and induvial philosophies.

Every child is important. At Future Kids we encourage each child to grow and learn in a fun and educational setting. We believe this means creating a warm, loving and nurturing environment that fosters the individual needs of each child.

Our Aims and Purpose

To provide the highest quality child care service to all families regardless of race, religion, social or economic background, culture, sex, creed or abilities.

To ensure our programs encourage the development of independence, decision making and self respect in all children, by respecting each child’s individuality and nurturing every child’s physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual needs. Thereby encouraging all children to value and respect each other’s difference and similarities.

To use only positive management strategies when dealing with children’s behaviour, to provide positive guidance and boundaries so children can understand behavioural limits.

To fulfil the nutritional needs and requirements of all children.

To provide support, assistance and information to parents on early childhood development whenever requested and ensure parents are actively informed of, and welcomed to participate in, centre activities.

To employ only the highest quality trained staff who are encouraged and supported in continuous professional development.

To teach all children to understand our surrounding cultural environment and to care for our natural environment.