Future Kids


At Future Kids, every child is important. Our aim is to encourage your childs individual potential, providing them with the opportunities to learn and develop in a fun and educational environment.

At Future Kids, we strive to provide the best care for children under our charge. We believe this means creating a warm, loving and nurturing environment that fosters the individual needs of your child. All Future Kids centre staff are fully aware that the children comes first. Future Kids is privately operated and owned by Ken and Lin, who has been in the Child Care industry since 1994. Their many years of experience in this industry means having a great understanding of both the parents’ and the children’s needs and the need to constantly strive for innovation and new programs to care of the children and to ensure that their early years’ development needs are met. a

Active learning


Future Kids believe in active learning. We provide many hands on activities to help your little ones grow and learn.


School approach


Our school approach involves routine and getting involved in activities to enhance learning. We have separate rooms for different age specific programs, aimed to maximise children’s learning and potential at each stage of life.


What we do


Our aim is to provide the highest quality child care service to all families regardless of race, religion, social or economic background, culture, sex, creed or abilities.


EMAIL: info@futurekidschildcare.com.au